If you want me to put a pic of your Micra on here, just mail me the pic at allen@micralife.co.uk and I'll put it up .
Previous site owners car with the new plates, 8th June, 2011:
Just has to share this one, it's so good! It's a 160SR and it belongs to a forum mate of mine from the Micra Sports Club, Daren.
Another one I just had to share, a K11 this time. It's been lowered 60mm and had the arches rolled, both ghetto style, and the alloys are 7x13 ET5. It belongs to another forum mate of mine from the Micra Sports Club, Mark.
This is a really cool 160SR photo I found on Google images. It actually belongs to the Nissan publicity department. Here's hoping they don't notice that I've 'borrowed' it...
This is a very stylish pic of one my favourite ever K11 Micras. It started out as a facelift 1.3 'ally' model but the mod's list is incredible. It includes smoothed boot, splitters front and rear with matching side skirts, bad boy bonnet with open mouth grille, full white line handling kit, colour coded interior with bucket seats and carbon trim, 4 into 1 manifold with full cat-back system and far too many more to list! This belongs to another forum mate of mine, Chris, again from the Micra Sports Club.
This photo just had to be on here. Called the Micra 350SR (originally the Micra-R), it was commissioned by Nissan in 2003 as a kind of publicity car when the 160SR was launched. It was created for Nissan, at a rumoured cost of over £250,000, by top motorsport company RML. Where the rear seat should be, it has a Nismo tuned 3.5-litre V6 producing 310bhp and driving the rear wheels. Apparently, it's a bit of a beast to drive!
I received this rather stylish pic of Simon Ansell's K12 via email. Nice, I'm sure you'll agree!
This rather nice blue 1.4 SE definitely likes to be beside the seaside! It belongs to Chris Bunyan who I hope is currently looking for some nice alloys for it...
This black track day Micra, owned by Adam Philpotts, started life as a standard 1.3SR but now sports a Janspeed full exhaust system, an OMP strut brace, eBay special induction kit and a rear strut brace. The brakes have been upgraded to Nissan Sunny GTI-R brake calipers, drilled and grooved discs and Mintex pads. The interior is fully stripped out and fitted with a Corbeau Revolution wrap around driver's seat and a Motordrive passenger seat. The wheels are 15" Team Dynamic Pro Race 3's with Toyo Proxis 195/50/15 tyres.
This very well polished dark grey 1.4 SX belongs to Mike Grierson who says, 'I've had this for a week now and love it!'
Don't know alot about this car at the moment but it belongs to Petri who lives in Espoo in Finland. Awesome photo!
This awesome 1.3 K11 is owned by Skinner and is fully kitted out for hill climbing events. Some spec's include: the 1275cc engine has a gas flowed, polished and ported head with hardened valve seals, Kent fast road cams with custom shims, the bottom end has been cleaned and rebuilt with new rings and shells, the flywheel has been slightly lightened and it has a Bogg brothers manifold with CBR900RR carb's jetted to suit spec. The car has yet to be dyno'd but Skinner reckons it's putting out around 120-130 horsepower.
This is the first K13 Micra in the gallery! I don't know much about it but it belongs to Jorge in Portugal and is the 1.2 DIG-S supercharged model. Very nice, I'm sure you'll agree!
This is the first K12 diesel Micra in the gallery and it's my new one! It's a Visia dCi 86ps model. Only mod's so far are a Sparco round matt alloy gear knob, grooved discs with Green Stuff pads, a set of Nissan 15" Onyx alloy wheels and I've painted the chrome trims on the front matt black.
This epic red red K11 belongs to Omair in Manchester. It started off as a 1.0 but has been transformed into a drag strip monster! The engine is a Nissan SR20 turboed with a Garrett T28, together currently producing 231HP. The build list is incredible but includes G-Spec stage 3 clutch, full set of Whiteline anti-roll bars and panhard rod, GTiR fuel pump, JWT S3R cams, custom made Meister coilovers, custom made drive shafts, GTi brakes with Goodridge hoses, Recaro seats and custom painted alloys shod with Toyo R888 tyres.
This 2003 Micra 1.4 Acenta belongs to Steven in Holland and the color is yellow because it’s an ex-doctor’s car, the original colour was metallic green.
This green 1.4 Acenta belongs to Gabriella Pintér in Hungary. I like this pic because it has a hazy, summery feel to it.
This 1993 Nissan Micra Super S 1.3 K11 belongs to another mate of mine from the MSC, Jay. It's lowered on Daewoo Matiz front struts and springs while the rears are custom springs with Vauxhall b Corsa dampers. The rear suspension is corrected via a custom made adjustable panhard rod. The wheels are banded steels, 7.5" front and 8.5" rear. Tyres are 165/55/R13 all round. The wheels are painted in Ford champagne gold with gloss black Nissan centre caps. Other exterior mods are yellow tints on the fog lights, Nissan headlight protectors, wind deflectors and LED rear lights imported from Taiwan. Various other mod's include flat wiper blades, OMP steering wheel with boss and the gearstick is a 600mm JDM dildo with LEDs. Performance mods include an Almera airbox with cold air feed, a Janspeed 4-2-1 exhaust manifold, decat and Skyline backbox. It currently puts out 93.8bhp.
This gorgeous black French 1.3 'Stars Cup' K11 (a sort of French equivalent of the 'Super S' model) belongs to yet another mate of mine from the MSC, Seb from Paris. It's quite a rare model and in absolutely amazing condition so the mod's so far are reversible and include a Nismo open mouthed grill, Apex lowering springs and a Frankenspeed exhaust manifold and de-cat pipe.
This is a pic of my 2005 Micra K12 1.2 Teckna SR 5 doors. I bought this used car to replace my old 1994 Ford Fiesta mk3 (Guy: Wise move ). It has 65,000 km (~41,000 miles) and it is in ‘good shape’! Jorge, owner of the k13 further up this page.
I am Serhat from İzmir in Turkey, I bought a 2010 K12 Micra 1.2 auto from a woman who was first owner of the car. My wife and me has been driving this car since February, we love Micra!
This is my car, Nissan March K12. Stance hellaflush! Mohsaze Bunta from Malaysia.
I am from Republic of Serbia, and I drive Nissan K12 1.4 Acenta. On this picture are stock alloy rims with few layers of matte black paint, which was applied last winter on temperature below 0 degrees Celsius.
My name is Callum Colville from Edinburgh. It’s got tinted windows, custom twin exhaust, 17” alloys, custom fitted blue rally mudflaps with custom stickers, lowered suspension, wiper spoilers, SR badge on the front grill and small blue ariel.