Welcome to micraK12.com! This website is a personal blog dedicated to my, and all other, K12 model Nissan Micras.

The K12, first sold in Japan in late 2002 and Britain in early 2003 is the previous Micra model from Japanese car maker Nissan and was preceded by the K10 and K11 models (incidentally, I learned to drive in a K10 model Micra). Because French car manufacturer Renault and Nissan have a large share holding in each others companies, the K12 is largely the same car under the skin as the current Renault Clio, the Clio III.

The aim of the site is to document all the maintenance jobs and mod's I do on my car so that other K12 owners who want to do the same jobs on their cars will have illustrated guides to follow .

I started off with the 160SR doing some minor interior mod's including shortening the gear lever by a couple of inches, fitting a Sparco gearknob and painting the radio surround. Mechanically, I changed the gearbox and engine oil and filter and fitted a replacement K & N airfilter panel. Externally the car had a full stainless cat-back system from MIJ Performance in Walsall fitted and I uprated the brakes EBC Greenstuff pads and Turbogroove discs.

Since then I've sold the 160SR and bought a diesel K12 which I'm loving and have done all sorts of jobs on both cars so keep checking back for updates and if you drive a Micra yourself of any kind, why not sign the guestbook - just click the button on the left and I'll add you as soon as I can.