Parts for the K12 Micra:
These are the parts I've bought and used for my 160SR and diesel Visia so I'm pretty sure they're correct and relevant.

If the part says 'HR16DE' it is for the 1.6 engined 160SR or Sport SR. If it says 'K9K' it is for the diesel engined Micra. If it doesn't mention either, it is for both the K12 and K12c models:
HR16DE oil filter:15208-9F600
HR16DE sparkplugs:22401-CK81B
HR16DE inlet manifold bolt:01125-E8051
HR16DE inlet manifold gasket:14035-ED000
Front strut top nut:01223-00Q0M
Front strut lower nuts:01123-S102E
HR16DE oil drain plug:01125-E6011
Alloy wheel centre cap:40342-BC400
Rear number plate light assembly:26510-BG00A
HR16DE fuel injector:16600-ED000
HR16DE thermostat:21200-ED00A
Pre-mixed engine coolant:L248
Brake disc retaining Torx (T40) screw:(Renault part!) 7703004176
HR16DE thermostat housing bolt:08158-8301F
Brake discs (each):40206-AX600
Brake pads:D1060-AX61F
4x wheel bolts:40254-00QAB
K9K 10w40 engine oil, 5L:KE900-99942
HR16DE oil drain plug washer:11026-01M02
K9K oil filter:15208-00Q0H
K9K oil drain plug washer:11026-00Q0H
K9K genuine Renault fuel filter:16400-00QAV
K9K Halfords fully synthetic 5W40 diesel oil:N/A