Santa Pod Raceway is a quarter mile drag strip situated near Podington in Northants. It is the home of European Drag Racing and host to the televised FIA European Drag Racing Championships. Santa Pod host all sorts of different events from top fuel drag racing to Japanese car shows but the most fun event is what Santa Pod call 'Run What Ya brung' (or RWYB) days. You literally turn up, pay and race in your own car .

On site, there are a range of shops. There's a restaurant, a bacon butty van, a car parts store and shower and toilet blocks as well as a Santa Pod shop that sells all sorts of Santa Pod merchandise and camping essentials. I think you can camp on the site as we saw a few tents setup on the various grass verges.

The following video shows everything you need to know and is well worth watching before you set off for Santa Pod:
The first race you do is quite nerve wracking as you have to work out how the lights work and you're paranoid about fluffing the start. When you're actually on the starting spot, you don't notice the crowd watching as you're concentrating so hard on your start. When the light goes green you get total tunnel vision, all that matters is watching the rev counter and getting your gear changes perfect and making sure you're going perfectly straight - IT'S HUGE FUN AND VERY ADDICTIVE!
If you drive a Micra of any kind and you've run at Santa Pod, email me your times (guyrwood at googlemail dot com) and I'll add you to the results table below:
Car:K12 160SR
Mod's:K & N filter panel
60 ft:2.4555
1/4 ET:17.1108
1/4 MPH:78.97
Car:K11 1.3 Super S
Mod's:Slammed, cat bypass pipe, Almera airbox and cone filter.
60 ft:2.630
1/4 ET:17.7093
1/4 MPH:75.67
Car:K11 1.0
Mod's:Slammed, completely stripped out rear with welded in roll cage and 15" alloys
60 ft:2.6317
1/4 ET:19.05
1/4 MPH:69.27